Collation packs with variable internal partitioning for filling volume 12 kg or 20 kg

Our ready-to-use packaging system for highly viscous or adhesive substances.

Collation packs that offer protection during transport are particularly indispensable for the chemical industry. We have made a name for ourselves worldwide with our liquid-proof separation packs. Our collation packs consist of a corrugated board lid with a set of variable partition walls and pre-folded inserts made of solvent-free coated silicone paper.

Heat-resistant up to 200 °C, they have outstanding separation properties and are ideal for packing adhesive or highly viscous substances such as hotmelt, bitumen, wax or gum. .

The board can be supplied as either a 12 or 20 kg unit with variable internal partitioning. As standard there are different separation papers available between 90 g/square metre and 135 g/square metre.