Your experts for speciality packaging and displays

Since the company was founded in 1973, it has specialised in packaging for highly viscous and adhesive substances. The company is today managed in its second generation by Ralf Gieselmann.
Customised and tailored products in the packaging and display sectors are developed and optimised by means of CAD plotters and then manufactured in a factory area of 3000 m².

1973 Founding of "Kirchhertener Verpackungen" by Hans-Günter Gieselmann

1982 Move from Kirchherten to Jüchen

1982 Company renamed as "Hans-Günter Gieselmann Papierverarbeitung"

1986 Change of generation and company renamed as "Ralf Gieselmann Industrieverpackung"

1988 Factory expansion through renting further production halls and warehouses

1989 Change of company status to "Gieselmann Industrieverpackungen GmbH

1992 Expansion of the product range to include laminated, die-cut packaging with the acquisition of two die-cutting presses

1995 Expansion of the product range to include displays following the acquisition of a semi-automatic laminating machine

1998 Move within Jüchen to the Kölner Straße 69 address

1998 Installation of a fully automatic laminating machine

2000 Factory expansion through renting further warehouse space

2000 First certification to ISO 900

2001 Installation of an automatic pre-folding machine for siliconised paper

2003 First certification to ISO 9001:2000

2005 Installation of the second and third automatic pre-folding machines for siliconised paper

2006 Installation of a CAD plotter 1300 x 1700 mm

2008 Installation of two automatic finishing machines for 0.5 kg siliconised paper inserts

2009 First certification to ISO 9001:2008

2013 Installation of an automatic finishing machine for 1.0 kg siliconised paper inserts

2016 Installation of a high-speed cross cutter with a working width of 1600 mm

2017 Installation of a state-of-the-art CAD plotter with laser point and CCD camera system 1300 x 1700 mm

2018 First certification to ISO 9001:2015